About The Turbo Saviour

Turbo Saviour protects by providing air flow after your engine shuts down

The TURBO SAVIOUR is designed to extend the life of your Turbocharger. This component is a fully self-contained unit and requires no external valving or electrics. The combination of an oil accumulator, check valve and oil filter, with in-built failsafe mechanism ensures complete operation during every single engine shut down.

The TURBO SAVIOUR is of robust construction, hand built, durable and suitable for most Diesel and Petrol single turbocharged engines (up to 500HP) applications.

The TURBO SAVIOUR provides a complete secondary filtration of the oil supply from the engine to the turbocharger. (Re Oil Contamination)

The TURBO SAVIOUR continues to supply oil for up to 5 minutes after engine shut down. (Re Heat Soak)

The TURBO SAVIOUR has a built in Check Valve which ensures the oil supply system to the turbocharger is fully charged and ready to supply oil on engine start up ( Re Dry Bearings).

Turbo Saviour Specifications

  • Overall Height – 270mm
  • Accumulator Dia – 115mm
  • Filter Dia – 95mm
  • Mounting Flange – 110 x 87mm
  • Bolt Holes (4 off) Dia – 10mm
  • Oil Inlet – Female – 3/8″ NPT
  • Oil Outlet – Female – 3/8″ NPT
  • Dry Weight – 2kg
  • Oil Capacity – 750ml charged @ 60 PSI
  • Oil filter- Donaldson P550318(93mm) & P502086(124mm) recommended