Protect your Turbocharger

Turbocharger Lubrication

Turbocharger Lubrication. Prevent Turbocharger failure with Turbo Saviour.

The main causes of Turbocharger Failure are;

1. Excessive bearing wear due to oil contamination

The engine lube system is used to supply oil to the turbocharger therefore engine oil condition is critical to operation of the turbocharger. Engine wear and tear can create oil contamination which can be detrimental to bearings and associated mating surfaces within the turbocharger.

2. Bearing failure due to heat soak 

Under engine load exhaust temperatures can exceed 800 Degs C, these temperatures are transferred to the exhaust manifold system. While the engine is running the oil flow through to turbocharger dissipates the heat and cools the turbocharger internals. However after engine shutdown the oil supply ceases and heat soak occurs, to overcome this detrimental effect most engine manufacturers specify “engine idle time” prior to shut down.

3. Foreign Object Damage

This is the description given to physical damage of the compressor /turbine wheel components of the rotating assembly. Compressor wheel damage is usually associated with air filter / intake system component defects. Turbine wheel damage is most likely relative to internal engine component part failure ie Valve head, Piston Rings etc.

Turbocharger manufacturers advise that the lubrication system is critical for the performance and continued longevity of the turbocharger, the Turbo Saviour is a proven accessory that provides an in built preventive maintenance program especially effective in applications that include excessive start ups and shut down.

The Turbo Saviour is a combination Oil Accumulator and Filter that ensures the lubrication system to your turbocharger is operating to its optimum. Contact us today to extend the life of your Turbocharger.