Easy & Quick to Installation

The TURBO SAVIOUR must be installed by a qualified motor / diesel mechanic.

Select a suitable position for the TURBO SAVIOUR and attach via the mounting flange (The unit must be mounted vertically … filter down)

Manufacture new oil lines;

A) from the engine to inlet of TURBO SAVIOUR, and

B) TURBO SAVIOUR outlet to the Turbocharger. Ensure hose size is consistent with original oil supply hose.

Fill oil lines with new oil prior to connection… Double check the oil Flow through the TURBO SAVIOUR is as per the arrow indication on the centre body of the TURBO SAVIOUR.

Fill the spin on oil filter with new engine oil and re-fit (tighten as per filter Specs).

If possible, crank engine without starting to prime oil supply system to Turbocharger.

Start engine at idle speed and double check system for oil leaks.


Oil filter changes should be at the same time as with main engine filter Changes.

During oil filter change ensure old oil filter seal is removed with filter.

CLICK HERE to view & download Turbo Saviour Warranty Information